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About Us

Everybody wants to consume good quality food. I saw an opportunity and put my passion for food and experience into the works.

I’m Ron Watts and my love for dim sims & dumplings became my formula to success and soon became Uncle Ron’s Dim Sim and Dumpling Aust.

We serve delicious dim sims and dumplings that we locally hand-make ourselves to ensure they are rich in flavours and to the best quality…


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Our Prices

FROZEN Beef Dim Sim Packs Of: 6, 20, 50$7.00, $20.00, $45.00
FROZEN Spicy Pork Dim Sim Pack Of: 20$20.00
FROZEN Chicken, Pork & Vegetarian Dumpling Packs Of: 11, 50$9.00, $35.00
FROZEN Prawn Dumpling Packs Of: 11, 50$15.00, $60.00
FROZEN Pumpkin, Coriander & Coconut Dumpling Packs Of: 11, 50$9.00, $35.00

What People Say

My name is Ray Jones, I live in Lakes Entrance and every Sunday market, we come down here once a month and buy their dumplings and they’re absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.

Ray Jones

I come from Melbourne and I came to the lakes, we got a little block of land down Swan Reach, I come down here probably seven, eight times a year and I usually program the times to come down to when the markets are on, these local auctions and those sorts of things and I always come to get the dim sims. I get them at Lakes and I get them here when I can.


Hi, my name is Karen. We’ve been having Uncle Ron’s Dumplings for two years since our grandson introduced them to us in Lakes Entrance, so we’ve been coming back ever since, every month, they’re beautiful.


Every time he sees the Uncle Ron’s dim sims at the market we have to come here. He insists on having them. We’ve taken the frozen ones home too and they’ll last us — well, he’ll eat them everyday if he could, absolutely delicious.

Father & Son

On my last visit to Melbourne, I took a trip up to Gippsland and visited the Farmers Market at Traralgon. I was lucky enough to happen upon Uncle Ron’s stand and Ron, the owner. Had a great chat to Ron and tried some of the tastiest Dim Sim’s I’ve had in my life. I thoroughly recommend Uncle Ron’s to anyone who wants to try a taste sensation!

Phil, Manager – Bali Beginnings Drug Rehab Centre

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